Investment strategy

Hivest Capital Partners invests in companies that benefit from good market fundamentals and a recognized know-how, but which have not reached their full potential due to various complexity factors.

We want to build French or international leaders in partnership with management teams.

Types of operations

Hivest Capital Partners is involved in:

■ Transmission of complex family businesses
■ Disposal of non-strategic group activities, which are often not entirely autonomous
■ Capital increases to support development projects
■ Transactions involving companies operating in a sometimes-complex market, financial, shareholder or managerial environment
■ Transactions requiring the intervention of a reactive and flexible investor

Intervention criteria

■ 20 to 500 million euros of turnover
■ Good market fundamentals and recognized know-how
■ Strong development potential
■ All sectors of activity
■ 10 to 80 million euros of investment per operation
■ Reference shareholder (majority or minority)