Hivest Capital Partners is a member of the France Invest Growth Association and has adhered to its ESG charter.

For sustainable value creation

Hivest Capital Partners attaches a particular importance to ESG (environment, social, governance) issues within its teams, in its investment policy as well as among the companies that make up the portfolio of its funds.


Our commitment to the teams of Hivest Capital Partners

■ We consider well-being at work and development of everyone as a priority
■ We are convinced that the team spirit and the involvement of all members is a creator of values
■ We encourage discussions on ESG topics
■ We are vigilant about conflicts of interest

Our commitment to investment policy

■ We do not invest in sectors that are not in line with ESG practices (production and distribution of tobacco, weapons, gambling, etc.)
■ We do not invest in companies that do not comply with international treaties (human rights, child labor, etc.)

Our commitment to our portfolio companies

■ ESG criteria are integrated in our audits and investment criteria
■ We ensure the implementation of a follow-up of the main ESG issues in corporate reports
■ We help implement strategies to reduce environmental and societal impacts