Hivest Capital Partners is a member of the France Invest Growth Association and has adhered to its ESG charter.

For sustainable value creation

Hivest Capital Partners attaches a particular importance to ESG (environment, social, governance) issues within its teams, in its investment policy as well as among the companies that make up the portfolio of its funds.

Our commitment to the teams of Hivest Capital Partners

Maintaining transparency in our efforts to further integrate ESG into our strategy
Adopting a collegial approach and placing our team’s development at the core of our success
Further improving our own ESG performance

Our commitment to investment policy

Banning companies with activities and/or behaviours not in accordance with international human rights principles and our own values
Integrating our values into our decision-making process by taking into account ESG considerations in the analysis of investment opportunities

Our commitment to our portfolio companies

Seeking to improve environmental and social performance within our portfolio companies, by managing risks, defining clear ESG roadmaps and closely monitoring progress