Agromousquetaires has entered into exclusive negotiations with Hivest Capital Partners for the acquisition of St Mamet

Founded in 1953, St Mamet is a recognized expert on the fruit market, processing more than  35,000 tons of fruit each year in its industrial facility of Vauvert (South-East of France).  Headquartered in Nimes (South-East of France), St Mamet generates approximately €65m in  sales. The company employs nearly 150 permanent staff and more than 200 part-time workers  in high season.

Agromousquetaires’ ambition is to create, on the Vauvert site, a center of excellence dedicated  to the fruit market and commit itself alongside 150 arborists from the South-East of France, in  order to strengthen, develop existing links and support the agricultural transition of the  arboricultural sector.

Agromousquetaires plans to invest in industrial and commercial innovations to strengthen the  competitiveness of a unique industrial tool as well as to relocate certain production processes  currently outsourced in Europe.

The complementarity with the other Mousquetaires’ factories – in particular the Delvert factory  (Corrèze), specialized in the production of compotes and jams – will also enrich the product  range.

In addition to the industrial aspect, it is also planned to develop further the notoriety of St  Mamet with current and future customers in France and abroad.

This new stage in the development of St Mamet is fully in line with the company’s strategy and  will be supported by the current teams.

The proposed acquisition will be subject to the approval of the French Autorité de la  Concurrence.

For Didier Duhaupand, Chairman of Groupement Les Mousquetaires, “The proposed  acquisition of St Mamet demonstrates the Group’s desire to strengthen its industrial capacities  in the service of our brands and our partners”. For Jean-Baptiste Saria, Chairman of  Agromousquetaires, “it is also a sign of our desire to accelerate the shift towards plant-based  products, in close partnership with French producers, and a firm commitment to the agricultural  transition”.

For Cédric Lépée, Managing Partner at Hivest Capital Partners: “We are delighted to see the  progress made over the last few years by the company, both in terms of industrial excellence and brand development. The project built between St Mamet and Agromousquetaires will enable the company to enter a new stage in its development. By relying on the company’s  strengths and in particular its close link with the French arboricultural sector, this project has  all the assets to enable St Mamet to continue to reveal its full potential. It is a wonderful project  for the company, its employees and the industry”.

For Stéphane Lehoux, Chairman and CEO of St Mamet: “This project is a great opportunity for  St Mamet and its employees. It is a long-term project with significant investments in a growing  market. The arrival of Agromousquetaires offers new resources which will be key for the  development of the industrial tool and the arboricultural sector in Occitania“.


Seeking to ensure its supply quality and independance, Groupement Les Mousquetaires has developed its own production capacities in the 1970s. Today, 59 productions units are gathered within  Agromousquetaires, all of them located in France and addressing 6 segments (beef, pork, fishing,  savour, vegetal, circular). This organization offers quality products made in France to customers and  fair remuneration to farmers. Groupement Les Mousquetaires gathers more than 3,000 independent business owners, 150,000 employees and distributes through 8 retail brands (Intermarché, Netto,  Bricomarché, Brico Cash, Bricorama, Bricoprivé.com, Roady and Rapid Bare-Brise).


Hivest Capital is a French independent private equity firm licensed by the Autorité des marchés  financiers. Hivest Capital invests in French SMEs with a turnover ranging from €50 million to €500 million  for buyout or expansion projects. Hivest Capital aims to help companies unlock their full potential  through improved operational performance and innovative growth strategies.


Hivest Capital Partners: Cédric Lépée, Kevin Blakimé

Sell-side M&A Advisor: Adviso Partners – Bertrand Thimonier, Clara Blandeau, Samuel Fayolle

Lawyer (legal) – Hogan Lovells: Stéphane Huten, Ali Chegra, Victor Levy, Eric Paroche / Brown  Rudnick: Pierre-Alain Bouhenic, Louis Gibon

Financial vendor due diligence – Oderis: Thomas Claverie, Quentin Gautier, Paul Grandjean

Tax advisory – CJ Avocats: Jean Goncalves


Hivest Capital  

Kevin Blakimé
Phone: +33 (0)7 62 49 28 27


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